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Bird Watching Through Binoculars With Illusion Shades

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Illusion Shades Are Great for Bird Watching Through Binoculars

For those of you who like to bird watch from the comfort of your home, you can now do so without the worry of scaring them away.

I have had birds fly away from the tree closest to my window because I had to roll up my window shade to get a closer look.

With an Illusion shade, I can leave it rolled down and still be able to look through the fabric panels. This is great and allows me to bird watch from the comfort of my home without them even knowing I am there.

Illusion shades are available in various fabric styles which are another cool feature. For the best prices go to , , , , , and . You can see a great selection by clicking on , , , , , and . If you still need more information please go to these links , , , , , , and .

There is a style out there to please even the most discriminating of tastes.

Protecting Your Home From People Looking In With Window Shades

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Protecting Your Home From Binoculars

We live in a messed up world and for that reason, it is important that you protect yourself from all of the things out there.

One recent trend is using binoculars to spy on women.

This is a horrible thing to do but there are some individuals out there who actually do this.

There are ways you can protect yourself and your home from these types of people.

You should cover up your windows so that nobody can look inside. There are different levels of coverage that you can get depending on your choice. A horizontal 2” blind will provide a bit of coverage but not a lot.

You can also go with a blackout shade. This shade will block your windows completely. This is probably the best bet. You can help yourself with all the blinds on their site and they even get them shipped out to locations like  blinds milwaukeeblinds baltimoreblinds indianapolisblinds lincolnblinds nashvilleblinds wichita. They have the best blinds to go with almost any colored home and are better priced than lowes blinds and are really perfect fit blinds that will look great in your windows.

It does not matter if you live out in blinds mesablinds santa anablinds denverwindow blinds chicagoblinds buffalo or blinds houston they will get them out to you very fast. After you get the window blinds you will feel better about your home, for more on blinds minneapolis,blinds Fort Lauderdale or window treatment ideas just follow the links above. They will be sure to help you out.

Getting Binocular Worthy Solar Shades For Your Home

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If you love to bird watch and do other great things with your binoculars, I want to tell you about something that would be great for your home.

Just talk to your family about solar shades and why you would want them for your home. They will allow you to keep your view and keep out the sun glare.

The best thing is you can get them online. Shop for blinds online they have the best reviews on window treatments and the lowest cost too. Yes, they have other blinds as well. They have horizontal venetian curtains that is where you can buy these blinds because they are who sells the best blinds.

Moreover, they sell sliding panel door curtains at the cheapest price on line and you can shop and compare prices. You will find that any of these sun blocking and energy eco-friendly window shades are the best reviewed online and affordable as well. You will not find anything wrong with them. If you want to block out the sun at discount and low prices you will find the best deals here. More important they have a place where you can shop for low price motorized remote control solar shades.

You can see why their are the best at who sells the cheapest window shades on line and you can compare prices against other sites. All in all, they even have the best price roman curtains under $50 and free shipping. Their modern and new woven wood bamboo shades are great deals and can be a price compared against other sites as well. You can spare the time and just buy though.

Why Binoculars Have A Special Place In My Heart

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Binoculars hold a special place in my heart. The first pair I remember getting were a gift from my late uncle. I was recovering from a broken foot so I couldn’t go outside and the worst part was that it was summer time. I would sit in front my window for hours watching the other children play in the park across the street. The injury would not let me walk much less run around. One day, my uncle came to visit and brought a pair of binoculars that he used for bird watching. As I looked through them, my imagination was ignited. The thought of being able to look far away without having to be there was amazing.


I managed to spot a mother hawk on a tall building about 10 blocks from my house. Every day at around the same time she would fly to the nest and I would see the three little head emerge from it. She would then feed each one until she had no more. The point of this story is to emphasize how great a pair of binoculars could be for both children and adults. They can open up the world to you. You will be able to see things that you never thought possible.


The cost for a good pair of binoculars is something that most people can afford. Generally, you can find a good pair for less than $100. This is also a great present for a child. If you need a present for an adult, some binoculars have extra features that may interest them. There are binoculars available with night vision. This is very cool but can get expensive. One thing that I found were not that expensive were the blackout shades and solar shades I bought online at The store, I got free shipping too. Also, get a great roman shade for your home. For the very best window coverings like these venetian blinds, panel track blinds and motorized shades can go great inside your home. Moreover, they sell a lot of a window shade and bamboo blinds at great prices too.  And now I can keep my view to the outside because solar shades allow you to view the outside of the world. There also binoculars that allows you to record or take pictures of your target. If money is not an object, there are tons of great features that you can get for your binoculars.

However, money can be sometimes a big object. So you should set yourself a budget even for something like binoculars. I learned how to set my first budget when I was setting everything up for my wedding. Yes, it’s tough to be a bride on a budget but I had too. I know this because my sister is still paying for her wedding date. So even before looking for a bridal gowns plus size online, from a store called Say Yes Wedding Dresses, you can click here for more information, I knew what my budget was for everything. Things like the wedding cake and dress were already taken care of. Ever since then I set a budget for everything, and I recommend that you do as well! Also, we would like to thank Prime Online Solutions from Miami Florida USA for doing such a great job on the website designs of our sites. They worked with us and made the whole process very easy.